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When your computer fails, all can seem lost. Maybe you need your internet setting up? Or you are unable to take the computer to undergo a workshop repair. Whatever the reason, Bridge Computer Services can help!

Virus Removal:                      

We have all had viruses at some point while using our computers. It is a risk of using the internet. Fortunately, we are experts at removing viruses from systems with the least disruption. We will then give advice on future prevention and advice on available products.                  
Virus removals we undertake:

• Virus• Worms • Trojans • Spyware/Malware • ActiveX Controls • Diallers • Popup's
New Equipment Installations
Don't have the time to plug in all those wires?  We can help you get started with your new computer.
We can also give a tutorial on the basic use of your new computer.
Even if you've had a go yourself and things go wrong, we can sort it!
Let us help you get acquainted with your new computer in the comfort of your own home, we'll show you how easy it is in a few hours.
Home Network Installation

As Broadband Internet is becoming more popular and individuals have more than one internet enabled device (TV's / PS3's / Wii's etc) in the home, networking at home is becoming more common.
All the family can use the internet for what they want, when they want! Regardless of someone using the internet on one computer, it is still accessible from your PS3 or from your internet enabled TV! 

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